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Clean Greens Farm

The Black Dollar Days Task Force recognizes that African-Americans are underrepresented in farming in Washington. Currently, there is no local market in King County that supplies the types of vegetables that are relevant to the African American and African immigrant food culture. Low income communities frequently do not have access to fresh, wholesome produce and have higher rates of poor diet related illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and elevated cholesterol.

The Task Force program Clean Greens Farm & Market operates as an agricultural producer engaged in the production of chemical-free collard, kale, mustard, turnip greens, relish and spinach. The goal of the Clean Greens & Market program is five-fold:

  1. To identify and harvest vegetables requested by the community. Selling these vegetables in a market located in the Central Area that is affordable to all people, especially low income people.
  2. Foster greater understanding and appreciation of local food, nutrition and health; This will help to lower the risk of high blood pressure high cholesterol and diabetes that is very common with African American.
  3. Provide the Central Area residents with interest and/or experience in farming access to farm land, tools, mentors and resources;
  4. Provide children opportunities to visit the farm, grow, harvest and learn about where food comes from, learn about ecological systems and water cycles and connect to the Earth which sustains us.
  5. Provide farm job, training and apprentice opportunities to African-American and inner city residents.

To help achieve these goals, the Task Force has to date signed a 5 year lease on 23 acres of land in Duvall, eastern King County for use by the Clean Greens Project. The Task Force has presently invested over $50,000 of its own money in an attempt to secure a crop for Winter of 2008. In addition we have leased rental property on the land to accommodate farm workers. We are currently seeking funding to continue developing the land in order that we can have crops year round.

The members and supporters of the Task Force are confident in their movement to decrease social service dependency through the revitalization of our community. The Black Dollar Task is compelled to create projects to uphold it’s mission to design programs that foster community empowerment. The Clean Greens Farm & Market will do just that.

The farmers have begun planting and cultivating chemical-free produce on seven acres of the 23 acres of land in Duvall, Washington. Initially our intentions are to start on a small section of the land and then expand. We intend on this section of land to concentrate exclusively on greens, which we will sell to everyone, but primary for central area residents. Starting at the beginning seven acres will give our apprentices an opportunity to learn as they work without being overwhelmed by large amounts of produce, and land. In addition the land that we are presently leasing is land that has been used for pasturing, and must be turned over with a disk a few times before it will be ready to be prepared for tilling and planting. We have identified two community young men who will be our first apprentices, and our advisors are in the process of identifying someone who can serve as a farm mentor.

Advisory Board

In your neighborhood

The project will be guided by an advisory board consisting of local groups and organization associated with city, county and state agriculture, in addition to representatives from the Task Force.

Rev. Robert JeffreyBlack Dollar Days-Exec
Lottie CrossBookkeeper & Market
Deasha TeagueProject
Ken EvansFarm
Jeff BottorffSeattle U
Harriet StephensonSeattle U
Karen KinneyKing County Ag
Todd MurrayWSU - King County
Deanna Burnett KeenerGreen River Community
Taalib SankofaFarm Apprentice
Julien WhitneyFarm
Karinda HarrisCommunity Walk /
Jennifer Harrison-CoxPartnership for Rural King County (PRKC)
Geoff ReedKing Conservation

Specific responsibilities of the Advisory Board include:

  • Identifying professional and technical resources to assist the project;
  • Identifying public and private grant opportunities and assisting with fundraising strategies to ensure project viability;
  • Determining the success metrics for the project and helping to ensure that they are met.


The Cleans Green Project will be initially funded by a combination of grants and fundraising. Over the course of 5 years, the project will increasingly be able to pay more of its operating costs by building infrastructures, implementing efficiencies, retail sales of farm produce and possibly income generation through educational tours/use of farm sites. It is understood that Clean Greens Farm, even operating at peak efficiency with the best weather circumstances and crop yields will need to be subsidized with grant and fundraising monies in order to keep product affordable and assessable to low-income residents and provide maximum job and training opportunities to community members.

Our Needs:

  1. We need everyone’s support to make this project work.
  2. We need financial support. We need sponsors.
  3. We need Farming equipments. Furniture for the farm house. Tents for the Market and a cash register.
  4. We need volunteers – we have started a list. If you would like to be added to that list please contact us. The volunteers will be planting, weeding, harvesting, working in the market etc. when needed.
  5. We need more partners. We have Seattle Tilt, Innerfaith Council of Washington and Interra.

For more information, please contact:

BDDTF/Clean Greens Project
116 21st Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122


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For more information, please contact:

Lottie Cross
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